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Good & Bad fats

There are all kinds of fats out there and they come from a multitude of medians. Bad fats contain lots of saturated fat and cholesterol. Cholesterol over time builds up in our arteries and blood vessels. It makes the heart work harder, thus wearing it out and causing a heart attack. Most fats are bad for our bodies, but luckily for us, some are good, and needed, to raise our good cholesterol, called HDL, levels to an acceptable range.

Eating A Fatty Meal? Avoid Soda!

Drinking water with fatty foods helps to keep the fat from metabolizing in your body and helps your body to get rid of the fat. We are trying to avoid giving the body too much sugar at the same time as fat. By drinking water the fat is diluted somewhat.

Stop Overeating Junk Food

Junk food contains massive amounts of sugars and refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are easily converted to sugar to be stored in the body. We definitely want to avoid this! Eliminate junk food from your diet and watch the pounds come off.

Eat Fat-Free and Reduced Fat

Many of these foods now taste as good as the regular version of the product. There are new products that come out all the time and it would be wise to try and find what you like. This will help reduce your caloric intake which is what we are after in the long run. Dieting is not about a short change solution. It has to be about changing what you eat and the amount of it. You have to change your eating pattern. This is when you will be able to keep the weight off. Once you find the foods that you like, you will find it very easy to maintain your weight.

Eat Polyunsaturated & Monounsaturated Fats

These actually help your body to function and help to lower your cholesterol levels. Examples of these fats are:

Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Grape seed Oil, Peanut Oil

Oats, Barley and Rice Cereal, Fish, and Peanuts



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