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1. Weight Loss
2. Stress Less
3. Muscle Gain
4. Quality Sleep
5. Supplements

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overview of supplements

The use of supplements will speed up the intended results that you seek. I have separated the supplements into 5 categories.

Fat Burners- Any supplements that will help you lose weight by burning fat either by increasing your metabolism or blocking fats from being absorbed by your body.

To Manage Stress- These are natural supplements like St. John's Wart that will help mellow you out without causing negative side effects or addiction.

Muscle Building Supplements- These are products such as protein shakes, amino acids and creatine which aid in the development of lean muscle mass.

Better Sleep- Supplements such as melatonin that react within your body to bring you sound sleep. I do not promote products that cause addiction.

General Health- These are vitamins and minerals that you may be lacking. I list the vitamins and minerals and their actions on the body. I also give signs of defficiency. 


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