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Six Second Quieting Response

This is another really easy and effective method for reducing stress within a few seconds. It will allow you to get a grip rather quickly. First, draw in a deep breath and hold for 2 seconds. Now, as you exhale, let your arms and shoulder drop. You should try to feel the stressful energy flow down through your arms and out through your fingertips. Repeat at least five times for relief 

Change Of Scenery

Psychologists agree that when you are in a rut and canít seem to break out, a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered. If you have an office, you can redecorate it and rearrange it. Do the same to your apartment and you will be amazed at what an affect it will have on you.

Foremost, you are exerting yourself physically, which gets those endorphins that are responsible for relaxing and feeling good, pumping through your veins. Then you have the excitement of being in new surroundings. Even something as simple as hanging a picture that has special meaning to you in an obvious place can have a positive effect.  

Blow Out The Stress

The first exercise I want to discuss is a simple and powerful breathing exercise. Use it whenever you feel overwhelmed. Try to remove yourself to some where a little more private, first, if possible. Leading studies show that if you can remove yourself from the situation, it is much easier to focus on your breathing instead of the situation at hand. If not, so be it. It will still work.

  1. Close your eyes and draw in a deep breath through you nose while counting to 5.

  2. Hold for 2 seconds

  3. Blow out for a slow count of 5 through pursed lips.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 up to 5 times.

Do this every morning when you wake up to get the blood flowing throughout your body. It will also energize you! It only takes a minute or two. 


Once youíre comfortable with the breathing exercise, try this:

Take in a deep breath and exhale fully. Now imagine yourself in a clearing surrounded by trees. There is a pale blue fog in the air. Now take in another deep breath and imagine this cool blue fog penetrating your lungs. You feel this cooling fog enter into your blood and circulate throughout your body. As it circulates to your hands and your feet and your head, it collects all the stress that is within your body.

Little by little, the fog comes back to your lungs and begins to turn dark red as it mixes with this stress. Imagine this dark red fog swirling around collecting all the stress and tension and settling in your stomach. Now exhale the dark red fog and release the tension into the atmosphere. Watch as the wind takes it higher and farther away from you.

Now take another deep breath and feel the cooling fog mix again within your lungs and move throughout your body. This time, the fog is lighter, bluer. Exhale fully to release your stress and tension. Repeat this several times and notice how much better you feel as the last breath is pure blue and stress free.

This is very powerful. A whole lot of people find this one very effective! I really hope it works for you too.


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