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Biceps - Pulling Exercise 1/3


This is by far my all time favorite arm exercise for the biceps. I usually do this with dumb bells and vary my grip. Try doing a couple sets of hammer curls like this. This will develop the peak very quick. Again, I like to use a wide grip more than the inner one. You will not be able to use as much weight as you are used to so try 20-30 lbs. less. Strict form is very important with this exercise as well as squeezing the biceps when you get to the top position. Make sure to get a good stretch after each set by letting the arms hang down. 5 seconds up and 10 seconds down. Perform 4-7 reps



This exercise puts all the emphasis on the biceps by isolating them. If you can do more than 7, increase the weight until you can barely get 5 reps. Take your time and pay attention to form. Keep tension on the biceps by stopping short. You do not want to come all the way up. Stop when your forearms are a little past 90 degrees to your upper arms. Take about 5 seconds to contract and 10 to get back to start position. If you use a straight bar, try it without wrapping your thumbs around the bar. This will really blast your biceps! Using a wide grip will develop the outer biceps, in effect, making your arms look bigger. However, you still must develop the dense inner biceps. Perform 4-7 reps



This is a great exercise. You can use a lot of weight, but be careful not to swing it up. That uses your back and shoulders. Think isolation. Take it slow and remember to fall short of taking the bar all the way to the top. You want to keep tension on the biceps at all times throughout the motion. Keep your back slightly arched and breathe out on the way up. I like doing this with my thumbs pointing out not wrapped. I really feel it in the biceps as opposed to the forearms. Feet should be shoulder width and slightly bent. Make every rep count. Always do 2-3 negative reps at the end of the set. I like to imagine driving the weight up with my wrist. Perform 4-7 reps


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