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Pushing Exercise 3/4


This exercise is intended to make the weak rotator cuff stronger to support more weight in exercises such as the bench press and military press. You have probably never seen this exercise before, so when you do it, use a light weight until you feel comfortable with the motion. This is not a size building exercise. The rotator cuff is generally weak and underdeveloped. Your legs should be shoulder width apart and slightly bent. Drag the weight up from the back of your hand. Do this exercise slowly and deliberately. Perform 8-10 reps



This is a tough exercise and is very good for building the sides of the shoulders to give you width. Grasp the side of anything strong enough to support your body weight securely. Lean out approximately 15 degrees or so. Starting with your arm hanging down, slowly raise the weight out to your side until you can't raise it anymore. Do not force it. You will not go more than 90 degrees to your body. Squeeze and return to start slowly. Keep a slight bend in your elbow. Perform 8-10 reps



It is preferable to do this exercise on an upright bench with your back flat against it. Keep the weight slightly in front of your body. Start from your chin and raise the weight straight up. Raise the weight up to the point of almost locking out your elbows, squeeze, and return to the start position. Do not bring the weight behind your head as this will damage the joints within your shoulders. Keep your back arched slightly. Perform 5-7 reps



An ideal exercise is any in which your body moves through space. The most muscle fibers are activated. Not only works the shoulders, but the triceps as well. Start at the bottom position with arms 90 degrees. Raise yourself up until your elbows almost lock, squeeze, and return to start position. If you can perform more than 10 reps, utilize a weight belt for a tougher workout. 5 seconds up and 10 seconds down. Perform 7-10 reps



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