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Mind tricks

The mind has a lot to do with how we perceive ourselves. If you don't feel good about yourself, this information will have you jumping for joy. Forget about all that negativity. Stand tall, take a deep breath, and blow it out. I like the guided imagery the best but I also have some other exercise that you can perform that are very good as well. Ask people to confirm what you feel if you have any doubts.

Learn How To Reduce Stress

Stress is a serious concern nowadays because of all the crap going on in the world and our personal lives. Life has become a battlefield it seems. Violence and uncertainty plague us and are becoming quite common. This is very unsettling, especially if you have young children or children in the military. There are many ways to reduce stress to manageable levels, however, one can never fully eliminate stress from life.

Stress is inevitable and in some cases can be positive. For instance, if you didn't feel stress, you wouldn't know what needed to change in your life. If you ever had a job that stressed you out, you know what I mean. A push coming from outside telling you that maybe you need to find something better or at least different. Stress can be a great motivator to do great things so that you don't get to complacent in your daily life. We actually need a small amount of stress to make our lives worth living.

However, stress can become so overwhelming at times that we break. I want you to avoid this. Letting stress build to the point of exploding is not healthy.

Avoid Using Food For Comfort

This kind of goes with #4 above. By learning how to deal with stress, there will be no need for using food for comfort as you will have constructive tools at your disposal to manage any stress that should arise in your life. However, it is important to be aware of the correlation between eating and being upset. If you can recognize this pattern, then you will have a strong hand over this crutch. You can use this to your advantage by now being able to deal with it the same way you deal with stress.

Set Goals

Setting goals is very important. A famous quote is as follows, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." This is very powerful and affects every facet of life, not just weight loss. However, it is not healthy to set to high a goal as this will hurt your motivation, ultimately leading to failure. Be sure to set realistic goals. 3-4 pounds a week is a good starting goal. However, any more than that could hurt you. Your body could go into shock if you lose too much weight, too fast.

Positive Visualization

Visually see yourself getting skinnier. When you look in the mirror, imagine what you want to look like. Imagine looking skinny, feel yourself as being skinny. You have to believe that you are getting skinnier. It may sound silly, but how you see yourself in the mirror is a powerful indication of your self esteem. Stand tall and proud. Stick out your chest when you look yourself in the mirror. You'll be amazed at how differently you will feel and look.



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