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Get Movin

By becoming active, not only will you be building muscle, but you will be adding new blood vessels throughout your body. Exercising provides excellent cardiovascular benefits. Supposing any of your arteries were to get clogged, your chances would be substantial that it would not affect you nearly as much as it would if you didn't exercise.

This is because the blood has a chance to reroute itself. You will also improve your blood pressure because there will be more avenues in which the blood can move from place to place, thereby reducing how hard your heart will have to work to pump blood.

Exercise At Least 4 Days Per Week

Studies show that muscle gained starts to deteriorate within a few hours after your workout and after about 72 hours, you might as well not even have worked out because your muscles have gone back to their original size. This means that you have to work out your muscles at least every 3 days just to maintain the muscle you have added. Most workouts require you to workout 3-4 days per week.

This is fine as long as you are not exercising the same muscles every day. Muscles need at least 48 hours to recover and be able to grow. You can check out the most effective workout program. Click Here  It is very effective and you will see results within a couple weeks. By increasing your muscle mass, you effectively increase the fat burning capacity of your body's metabolism.

Fast Walking

Walking is perhaps the most effective fat loss tool available. I know you are probably saying to yourself, "ha, walking, that is too easy. How could walking be one of the most effective ways to lose weight?" Well, it is effective because fat loss is a process that takes time to do properly and with lasting results.

A brisk walking pace for 20 minutes minimum every day will train your metabolism to burn fat. In addition to burning fat, walking is excellent for your bones and cardiovascular system. It increases the bone's density and helps to create extra blood vessels to carry the blood more efficiently throughout your body. Be sure to give it a try. Anybody can do it because it is easy on your knees and gets your blood pumping.

If it is not safe to walk in your neighborhood, consider the mall or other location that can facilitate your walking regimen. Always consider safety when putting together a schedule to walk. You can also ride a bike or walk up a high flight of stairs. However, when climbing stairs, it is harder on the knees coming down so if possible, take the stairs up and the elevator down. Make sure you get at least 20 minutes of continuous stimulation

Online Weight Loss Program

This may be a good idea if you have trouble staying motivated. I haven't really checked into these, but I will include a brief summary of some good ones next month when I update everything and add more content. Feel free to search the internet so as to get some ideas.

Does It Matter What The Scale Says?

The scale is not a very good indication of how much weight you are losing as you may be gaining muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat and your scale will show that you may have actually gained weight even though you have lost body fat. You really have to take your scale with a grain of salt. Take measurements and keep a log. I have provided one that you can download. Click Here



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