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Most people never consider that when you eat is almost as important as what you eat. Consider the following and you will never wonder why all the dieting in the world is failing you. This is very powerful stuff. By eating at night just before going to bed, especially after a few beers, you are effectively packing on hundreds of calories that otherwise would have been burned off.

Avoid Eating Fruits Or Drinking Juices After Lunch

Fruits and fruit juices contain a form of fructose. Although it is natural, it is still sugar. Give yourself plenty of time to process these sugars so that they are not stored as fat. By avoiding fruits and juice after lunch, you can accomplish this with relative ease.

Eat Within an Hour Of Waking Up

By eating in the morning, you will get the metabolism to start working in the morning. In addition, you will be providing your brain with nutrients and energy to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Be sure to eat something like oatmeal with apples or applesauce with some toast. You want to eat some whole foods. Anything that has not been processed is a whole food. If you buy oatmeal, make sure to get old fashioned rolled oats. It is harder for your body to process this so it uses up energy in the metabolism process.

Never Eat Before Going To Bed

By eating before bed, you are effectively killing any chance your body has of burning up the calories you just gave it. Your body needs time to metabolize food, depending on what you ate, this process could take several hours as with meat. For simple sugars like white bread, it might only take an hour or 2. It is best to leave yourself at least 4-6 hours before going to bed after eating a meal.



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